07 February 2017: Eduard Kaplan’s annual art exhibition was held again on the artist’s birthday.

  • 24 March 2017: Photographic exhibition – The Second Life of Stones
    In collaboration with the Hungarian embassy, the Foundation launched a photographic exhibition in the Assembly Hall of the Liepaja Jewish Community dedicated to the fate of synagogues in Hungary. Vittorio Monti’s composition Czardas played by the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra greeted Adrien Mueller, the Hungarian Ambassador upon his visit.  The exhibition also attracted great interest among younger visitors.
  • An interesting subject arose in this connection : should synagogues in areas with no Jewish communities be used for other purposes and functions or simply shut down ?
  • 27 July 2017: Holocaust research
    A meeting was held with representatives of the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum to discuss further developments in Holocaust research and instruction in Liepaja.
  • 8 December 2017: Jewish Family Party of Miracles and Magic
    This family event was dedicated to the Festival of Hanukkah and followed the new Foundation tradition, commencing with a Shabbat blessing. Our special guest, the Honourable Mrs Israela Per-Probshtein, Consul of the Embassy of Israel to Latvia welcomed those present.

    Festive greetings from the Foundation’s founder / supporter (George Schwab and Vitaly Kivman) were shown on big screen.

Throughout the evening there were Hanukkah dancers and Jewish vocal and instrumental music to entertain the adults and magicians and jugglers to entertain the children.

  • 17 December 2017 : Commemoration Day of Liepaja Jews in Shkede
    A commemoration ceremony was held in Shkede in memory of those who died during the mass extermination of Liepaja Jews in the Shkede dunes between 15-17 December 1941. On 15 December 2017 descendants of Liepaja Jews met in Holon (Israel) at the monument dedicated to the Jews of Liepaja, victims of the Holocaust.
  • 29 December 2017: The annual traditional meeting with the daughters of the Righteous Gentiles Johanna and Roberts Sedols took place.