1851 – The first Jewish school was opened in Liepaja.
1885 – A Hebrew language school opened in Liepaja.
1904 – The following education institutions were being run in Liepaja:

                   1. the 1st rank Jewish (State) government school
                   2. two 2nd rank Jewish
schools for girls
                   3. one 2nd rank Jewish
school for boys
                   4. three 3rd rank Jewish
schools for boys
                   5. two 3rd rank Jewish
schools for girls

1913 – the Jewish Stern-Trotskaya Gymnasium for girls was opened

1918 – a Russian language Jewish school was opened (later on German replaced Russian)

1919 – a Yiddish language school was opened which later joined the ZJSO (Zentrale Jidische Schul Organisazie).  By 1921 there were 388 students and in 1926, upon the 10th anniversary of the death of writer Sholom Aleichem, with the permission of the local authorities, the school was named “Sholom Aleichem’s Primary School” and continued until 1940

 Subsequently, with support from the organization “Agudas Isroel”, an elementary school of the “Tora Vderekh Erets” community was opened at Helens Str. 17 with religious education in Hebrew.
1920: a children’s home was opened with the help of t
he American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (“the Joint”) and shortly afterwards a school of the “Tarbut” network was established.
1935: the Yeshiva
“Beys Yosef” was opened


1929 to 1940: according to the archives, Liepaja offered the following Jewish educational and other institutions:

1. The Liepaja Jewish Vocational School, at Vilhelmines Str. 35, where students were trained as mechanics, electricians, carpenters, woodworkers, etc. (30 students, 9 teachers)

2 .The Liepaja Jewish State Secondary School (a gymnasium type of business school), Kurmajas prospekts 34 (135 students, 17 teachers)

3. The Liepaja Teachers’ Council Jewish Primary School, at Jauna Dikja Str. 8 and Kurmajas prospekts 3, a private secondary school / gymnasium (4 grades with teaching in Hebrew) (123 students, 24 teachers)

4. The Liepaja Community No. 1 Jewish Primary School (with kindergarten) at Rozhu Str. 10 (234 students, 10 teachers)

5. The Liepaja Community No. 2 Jewish Primary School at Siena tirgus Str.12 (now Kurshu Str. 20) (principal Waldstein) (474 students, 23 teachers) and at Kungu Str. 21 (284 students, 16 teachers)

6. The Liepaja Cultural Society Main School at Kurmajas Prospekts 32 (grades 1-6) (124 students and 10 teachers)

7. F.Gottlieb Private kindergarten at Graudu Str. 49 (7 children and 1 kindergarten teacher)

8. O.Rewid Private kindergarten at Vītolu Str. 35 providing elementary education classes (10 children and 2 kindergarten teachers)

9. Liepaja Jewish State Secondary School at Bāriņu Str. 12 (humanitarian education) (156 students, 17 teachers)

10.Liepaja Jewish State Secondary School at Kurmājas prospekts 13 (162 students, 15 teachers)

11.Jewish Private Primary School at Graudu Str. 14 (157 students, 10 teachers)

12.Kungu Str. 21- formerly the House of Prayer and today the Liepaja Jewish Community Center with its museum “Jews of Liepaja”

13.Kungu Str. 21/21A, formerly a House of Prayer and nursing home for the elderly and needy

14.Kalipēdas Str. 41, formerly the burial company “Chevra Kadish”

15.Bāriņu Str. 11, formerly the Jewish hospital “Linas Hacedeck”

16.Bāriņu Str. 12, formerly the Jewish State humanitarian secondary and primary schools

17.Kurmājas Prospekts 13, formerly the Jewish elementary school and Jewish State secondary school (1937-1940)

18.Kurshu Str. 20, formerly known as the “Waldshtein School” where education was provided in Hebrew

19.Rozhu Str. 8, formerly the Sholom Aleichem School where teaching was provided in Yiddish. Today the Liepaja 10 Secondary School occupies this location.