1. Numerous researches of historians indicate that the first evidence of the Jews’ residence in the Baltic belongs to the Bishop of Prague Adalbert. In 997 AD. he was sent to plant Christianity among the Lithuanians and in his notes he informs about the presence of Jews in Lithuania

2. Based on the biography of many rabbis and other eminent figures of Lithuania, it is safe to say that they arrived in Courland mainly by sea.

3. It is known that the Jews began to settle in Courland already at the height of the Livonian War (1558-1583)

4. Jews were not subject to special obstacles, but initially the authorities regulated both their number, duration of stay, economic activity. Jews with special rights came to Courland as intermediaries of German, Polish and Lithuanian merchants

5. The Jewish community of Liepaja was founded in 1799

6. In 1940 the Jewish community of Liepaja ceased to exist

7. In 1941, with the arrival of the Nazi army in the city, almost the entire Jewish population of Liepaja was destroyed

8. The life activity of the Liepaja Jewish religious community was revived in 1989

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