1. Liepaja Livas cemetery Jewish sector at Cenkones Str. 18/20:
       – Liepaja Holocaust Memorial Wall bearing the names of Liepaja Jews exterminated during the Holocaust (dedicated on 9 June 2004)
       – Memorial stone commemorating Jewish WWII victims (dedicated in 1993) 
       – Monument and mass grave of Jewish soldiers who fought for the independence of the State of Latvia in 1918-1919
       – Mass grave bearing the names of Jewish soldiers who fought against Nazi Germany during WWII

2. Kurshu (Kuršu) Str.11/13 – Rozhu (Rožu) Str. 7: Commemorative column on site of pre-war Liepaja Great Synagogue (destroyed at the beginning of 1941)

 3. Zvejnieku aleja 7 – Memorial plaque in commemoration of Liepaja Jews murdered at the lighthouse and on the shore at the beginning of WW II

4. Raiņa   Park.  Memorial Stone.  It was here that, at the beginning of World War II, the first victims of the Holocaust were killed and buried. Later human remains of Holocaust victims were reburied in common graves in the Jewish and Central Cemeteries

5. Tiesas Str. 5.  Former women’s prison.  It was here that, at the beginning of World War II, hundreds of Jews were rounded up and taken to the Shkede (Šķēde) dunes and killed

6. Kungu/Darzu/Bariņju Str: Liepaja Ghetto Memorial Stone  

7. Tirgoņju iela 18. Former Fireplace square.   During the Holocaust, thousands of Liepaja Jews were rounded up here and later sent to forced labor camps, from which most never returned

8. Tirgoņu iela 22: Memorial plaque on façade (on site of Dr Range’s premises). During the period October 1943 to May 1945 in a shelter at the back of the basement, beneath the bakery, Johanna and Roberts Sedols hid and saved 11 Jews. For this heroic deed they were honored as “Righteous among the Nations” by the State of Israel

9. Shkede dunes: Memorial to the Jews of Liepaja – victims of the Holocaust 1941-1945. It was here that, on 15-17 December 1941 thousands of Liepaja Jews were murdered (dedicated on 03 June 2005)

10.Shkede dunes: “The Righteous Gentiles Alley” dedicated to 27 Liepaja Gentiles who saved or aided Liepaja Jews (dedicated on 09 July 2014)