1. The Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation assists the Liepaja Jewish Community with a variety of social and medical programs and activities including children classes and functions, Torah readings, Shabbat meals, High Holy Day celebrations etc.
  2. The Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation organizes upkeep of Liepaja’s Jewish cemetery, monitoring and maintaining Jewish sites and monuments, in particular the Holocaust Memorial site in Shkede.
  3. In December each year the Liepaja Jewish Community, including children and grandchildren of Survivors, organizes meetings with the descendants of the Righteous Gentiles of Liepaja thereby honoring, remembering and ensuring that the experiences and lessons of World War II and the Holocaust are transmitted from generation to generation.
  4. Publication of “La mort des Juifs” by N. Fresco in English. This book provides the background to eight photographs of shootings carried out in Shkede on 15 December 1941 by the Nazi Emil Strod. Translation into English of Chapter 1 of N Fresco’s will take place in  2019.  The book was translated into Latvian and Russian by the Foundation in 2016.
  5. Photo Book – Old Liepaja. In celebration of the Centenary year of the State of Latvia a Photo Book containing 300 photographs of pre-war Liepaja is to be published . It will form an integral part of the Uniting History Project.