1. Otto Fischer was an outstanding Austrian football player and coach of the Liepaja Olimpija football team who was killed in Liepaja at the beginning of WWII. We are in the process of researching possible family descendants. An exhibition dedicated to Otto Fischer is scheduled to be launched in July 2018. The U.S. news channel CNN.com also plans to run a documentary on Otto Fischer

2.Nison Katzenelson, physician and banker. He was the first director of the Jewish Colonial Trust in London (1899-1923) and a member of the First Duma in Russia and a friend of Theodore Herzl. He is buried in the Liepaja Jewish cemetery together with his wife Sophie daughter Cecilija and son-in-law Anatoly Levin. Our research to find NisonKazenelson’s descendants is ongoing and an exhibition dedicated to NissonKazenelson is due to be launched in July 2018

3. The lighthouse area – Research is under way into this mass murder site of Liepaja Jews. Our research team is investigating the exact execution sites of Liepaja Jews as shown in R. Wiener’s film and the Foundation is planning to install a memorial plaque on the lighthouse in 2019

4. Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation is preparing the improved secon edition of the book ”Saints among us’‘ with stories about the rescuers of  Liepaja Jews during the Holocaust.   The book will be published in Latvian, Russian, English  and Hebrew

5. Liepaja Jews, fighters for Latvian Independence – The existing Monument in the Jewish Cemetery dedicated to Liepaja Jews who fought for Latvian Independence is to be restored and re-inaugurated in 2019

6. Liepaja Jewish Heritage research – tracing Liepaja Jewish family roots. We offer assistance to Liepaja / Libau descendants wishing to discover their families’ past, to find their ancestors’ gravestones and help restore them if necessary

7. Liepaja Rabbis We are collecting information and historical documents about lifetime of Liepaja pre-war Rabbis. An exhibition is planned to be opened in 2019