Sergei Zaharjin, one of the co- founders of the Open Public Foundation   Liepājas ebreju mantojums, (Liepāja Jewish Heritage Foundation) was born in Liepāja and after high-school worked all his life at the Liepājas Metalurgs plant.

Founded in 1882, upon restoration of Latvia’s independence and the privatization of the company, Liepajas Metalurgs was classified a city-forming enterprise (employing more than 50% of the city’s population), providing jobs for more than 3,000 Liepaja residents with Sergej Zaharjin being one of its main shareholders.

The Zaharjin family has participated in the revival of Jewish life in Liepāja and to commemorate his mother, Marija Zaharjina (nee Genkina) and the members of his family killed during the Holocaust  Sergej was instrumental in the construction of the Šķēde Memorial dedicated to the Liepāja Jewish victims of the Holocaust.  He has been a patron and supporter of the projects undertaken by the Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation.