The Open Public Foundation “Liepajas ebreju mantojums” (The Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation) was founded in 2004.   The first and most significant project was the construction of the Memorial in Shkede in memory of the victims of the Holocaust which was dedicated in June 2005.

All the Foundation’s projects are aimed at studying, preserving and disseminating Liepaja’s Jewish heritage as an integral part of the city’s history.  Of importance are publishing, educational, cultural and research projects which are aimed at enlightening members of the Jewish community and also the wider community both in Liepaja, Latvia and the World.


Projects and events dedicated to the 80th anniversary  of the beginning of the Holocaust in Latvia and the mass extermination of the Jews in Liepaja.


Projects and events were dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and the victory over fascism in World War II.


Projects and events were dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish community in Liepaja and the 30th anniversary of its revival.


 Projects and events were dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia’s independence and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.


 Projects and events were dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II and the Holocaust in Latvia.

  • the World Reunion of Liepaja/Libau Jewry and their descendants was held on July 5-8.
  • Jewish enlightment projects
  • Improvements of the Jewish cemetery
  • Conference  for history teachers on Holocaust in Liepaja.
  • Art exhibition of the Jewish Community member Eduard Kaplan



On March 27-29 the 4th Limmud “Liepaja Jewish Heritage” was held in Palanga for the members of the Liepaja Jewish Community and their families with an extensive program for adults and children.


  1. World Reunion of Liepaja/Libau Jewry and their descendants
  2. The book of memoirs “I am from the Holocaust” by Fanny Pavlova (nee Genton) was published in Russian, Latvian and English
  3. Improvement of the Jewish cemetery undertaken, including 18 signs of the sectors. Information Board was installed.
  4. A Bat Mitzvah show was presented to young families of the Community. It was felt important to show how to prepare for this event in order to make this special day memorable and unique, unlike any other birthday.
  5. Dedication of the Alley of the Righteous Among the Nations in Šķēde, dedicated to the 27 Righteous Gentiles who saved Jews during the Holocaust in Liepaja and Liepaja area.
  6. Dedication of the Memorial stele on the site where the Liepaja Great Choral synagogue was located, at 11/13 Kuršu St before WWII.
  7. Support for projects and programs of the Liepaja Jewish Community including:
  • Torah weekly chapter readings,
  • Sunday school support,
  • support of the activities of the clubs “Mishpoha” and the “Jewish World”
  • organizing Jewish holidays and holding Memorial days
  1. Guiding courses for Liepaja Jewish Community schoolchildren
  2. Seminar for history and social science teachers on the topic “Holocaust in Liepaja” and modern teaching methods in schools