• 2021 projects and events are focused on the 80-th anniversary of the beginning of the Holocaust in Latvia.
  • 2020 projects and events were focused on the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism in World War II  
    World War II left a deep mark in the history of every family. Human memory, the memory of the Holocaust is of great importance.
    It is important not to forget that memory is something that a person can carry through the years and pass on to future generations. In order to prevent the rewriting of history, one must remember the terrible consequences of that war: the destruction of  the people as a whole. This year, January 27 marks the 15th anniversary of the adoption by the UN General Assembly of the relevant resolution on the International Day of Commemoration of the Victims of the Holocaust, it was declared worldwide. On this day, the Allies and Soviet troops liberated the territory of the concentration camps of death Auschwitz, Birkenau, Auschwitz.It happened 75 years ago, the giant “death factory” was working for five years. Approximately in Auschwitz, about two and a half million Jews and people of other nationalities were killed – it is impossible to name the exact number of victims of this “death factory”.

    6 million Jews died during the Holocaust. The Holocaust is the tragic and most brutal crime against humanity in the 20th century.

    Our responsibility to the past and the future generations  is to preserve and pass over the historical memory of the Jewish people  from generation to generation, in order to prevent a repetition of the terrible tragedies of the Holocaust.

  • 2019 projects and events  were focused on 220th anniversary of the founding and the 30th anniversary of the revival of  the Jewish community of Liepāja

  • 2018 projects and events were focused on celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Latvia’s Independence and the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel