The Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation has planned the following activities and projects following its targets and goals.

Jewish educational programs

  1. The annual family project – ”Liepaja Jewish Heritage Limud” with 64 participants from the age of 5-82.




Jewish educational programs

1. April 1-3 . The annual family project – “Liepaja Jewish Heritage Limud”. 76 participants from the age of 4-85 with lectures and working shops for children and adults. Palanga, Vanagupe hotel.
2. February 2. The annual exhibition of Eduard Kaplan paintings, dedicated to his 75-th anniversary.
3. July 5-9 . The World Reunion of Liepaja(Libau) Jewry. Members of the Liepaja Jewish Community, Jewish Survivors, Libau descendants from 9 countries and the Liepaja public took part. The participants were addressed by the Ambassador of the state of Israel to Latvia. A welcome letter was read to participants on behalf of the Mayor of Liepaja Uldis Sesks.
4. September 13 . A special sightseeing for the teachers of History and members of the Liepaja Jewish Community was organized by the Foundation with the theme “The history of Liepaja and its Jewish pages”.
5. December 2 . Continuing the educational project for the Liepaja public and history professionals, the Foundation was organizing a seminar. The topic of the seminar covered the period from 1920-1941 and was dedicated to the 75-th anniversary of the beginning of  WWII and the Holocaust in Liepaja.
6. December 15-17. The Foundation in co-operation with the Liepaja Jewish Community museum is organizing memorizing events dedicated to the 75-th anniversary of the murder of Liepaja Jews in the dunes of Shkede.


The books DEATH OF THE JEWS by Nadine Fresco, dedicated to the photos of the murder of Jews in the dunes of Shkede and A TOWN NAMED LIBAU have been translated and published by the Foundation in Latvian and Russian. ( available at the Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation at 21/21A Kungu Street in Liepaja)

Foundation research works.

1. We continued our research on the history of lifetime of Otto Fischer -the Austrian football player, coach of the Olimpija football team, killed in 1941 in Liepaja.
2. A special working group has been created to work on the research of Nison Kazenelson’s lifetime.( Born in 1862 in Bobruisk, Minsk gubernya. Died in Liepaja in 1923)
3. A new project has been started ” Reflections on the Holocaust by the after war Jewish generation of Latvia”
4. Uniting History Project dedicated to Liepaja victims of totalitarian regimes, incl. the Holocaust and deportation of June 14, 1941 has started. A working group has been created, including Liepaja University specialists in IT, architects, historians, researchers, students.

5. Investigation of the history of Liepaja Jewish soldiers -fighters for the Independency of the State of Latvia has started. Architects are working on restoration of the Memorial at the Liepaja Jewish cemetery. The dedication is planned in 2018 on the 100-th anniversary of the State of Latvia.

Foundation supports:

I. Programs and projects of the Liepaja Jewish Community that include:

1. Weekly readings of Shabbat Tora chapters.
2. Social assistance to needy people.
3. Traditional and Religious Jewish events.

II. Improvements, restoration and regular clean-up of the Liepaja Jewish Cemetery and the Memorials in Shkede is among priorities of the Foundation activities.



2014 -a special anniversary year, commemorating :

* 10 years since the Open Public “Liepaja Jewish Heritage” Foundation, also known as the Liepaja Jewish Heritage Foundation was established.

* 25 years since the rebirth of the Liepaja Jewish Community.

* 215 years since the foundation of the Liepaja Jewish Community.

I.Jewish educational projects

1.1. 7-10 July – the World Reunion of Liepaja (Libau) Jewry. 50 Survivors and their descendants from 14 countries participated in the World Reunion of Liepaja Jewry.
1.2. 9 July – dedication of the Alley of the Righteous among the Nations at Shkede (Šķēde) in the presence of the Israeli Ambassador to Latvia, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps in Latvia, State Institutions, the President of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia, members of the Liepaja Jewish Community, Liepaja public.
1.3. 8 July -dedication of a memorable sign to the destroyed Liepaja Great Choral synagogue at 111/13 Kurshu Street.
1.4. Publication in Latvian and English of the memoirs of concentration camp Survivor Fanny Pavlova (née Genton) entitled “I’m from the Holocaust”.
1.5. Foundation educational project. 1-5 May -the annual Liepaja Jewish Heritage Limud for Jewish families and children in Palanga.
1.6.Presentation at the “Night of Museums” together with the museum of the Liepaja Jewish Community to promote Jewish tradition and culture in Liepaja society.

II. Improvements to the Liepaja Jewish cemetery:
2.1. A special information board, signposts by sector, renovation of 90 old gravestones. This renovation project is continuous work in progress

III. Projects and programs supported by Foundation at the Liepaja Jewish Community:

3.1. Shabbat Tora readings and the 2-d Seder,
3.2. social assistance,
3.3. support of the Liepaja Jewish Community day-off school,
3.4. support of traditional and memorable incentives of the Liepaja Jewish Community

IV.Regular improvements, restoration and clean-up of the Liepaja Jewish Cemetery and the Shkede Memorials