1. At the end of the 19th century a second Jewish cemetery was opened at modern Cenkones Str. 20

2. In 1867, a firm of undertakers “Hevra Kadisha” was established whose management consisted of
N. Klatschko , O. Mihaylovich , A. Lippert , Sh. Israelit , Z. Kabalkyn , A. Waldstein,   I. Mandelstam

3. In the 1890, several community social aid organizations were established and since 1898 there was a Jewish women’s charity “Help” (HILP)

4. In 1893, an Aid Committee for Jews emigrating from Russia through the port of Liepaja was established. By 1905 the scope of Committee’s work was extended and sleeping accommodation capacity had increased from 14 to 100

Statistics covering Jews emigrating through the port of Liepaja were:
1907 – 2,797
1908 – 1,367
1909 – 2,100
1910 – 1,660

5. In 1905, a Liepaja aid charity providing for poor and ailing Jews “Linas Hatsedeck” was established, chaired by Herman Epstein

6. In 1909, a credit society known as “Gmiles Khesed” was set up

7. In 1910, the “Maushaw Skeinym” – a charity running Jewish shelters was established, chaired by Emil Falck

8. In 1910, Rabbi Klein established a “Howaway Ciyon” department in Liepaja

9. In 1911, a Jewish vocational benevolent charity “Poalei Tsedeck” was founded

10. In 1920, a charity for maintaining Jewish almshouses was established

11. In 1924, a Liepaja Jewish charity providing nursing for the sick was set up

12. In 1929, a Liepaja charity providing clothing for the needy was established

13. In 1930, the Liepaja board of medical specialists (chaired in 1935 by Dr. Max Weinreich ) was founded

14. In 1932 a charity chaired by Heimann Rabinovich running the Liepaja Jewish Secondary School, was established.