1851 – The first Jewish school was opened in Liepaja.

1885 – Another school teaching in Hebrew was opened.

1904 – The following Jewish educational institutions were active in Liepaja:

  • One state school – 1st category;
  • Two girls’ schools – 2nd category;
  • One boys’ school – 2nd category;
  • Five schools: three for boys and two for girls – 3rd category

1913 – The Stern-Trotskaya Jewish women’s gymnasium / secondary school was opened.

1918 – A Jewish Russian speaking school was opened (Russian was later replaced by German).

1919 – A Yiddish speaking school was opened which later became part of the CYSO (Central Yiddish Shul Organization). In 1921, it had 388 pupils. In 1926, on the 10th anniversary of the death of the writer Sholom Aleichem, with the agreement of the city authorities, the school, was renamed as Sholom Aleichem  Basic School and remained open until 1940.

1920 – An orphanage was opened with the support of the JOINT. Shortly thereafter, the school of the Tarbut network was founded.

1935 – Yeshiva “Beis Yosef” was opened.

1928 -1940 according to archive data, the following educational institutions were active in Liepaja :

1.The Liepaja Jewish crafts school at 35 Wilchelmines St. with 30 students and 9 teachers.  Subjects studied were mechanics, electricity, joinery, carpentry, etc.

2. The Liepaja Jewish State Secondary School (a commercial school, like a gymnasium) at 34 Kūrmājas Prospect with 135 students and 17 teachers.

3. Two Jewish Primary Schools of the Council of Teachers in Liepaja at 8. Jaunā Dīķa St and No.3 Kūrmājas Prospect  – private schools teaching in Hebrew with 4 classes,123 pupils and 24 teachers.

4. Liepaja City First Jewish Primary School including a kindergarten at No 10 Rožu St with 234 pupils and 10 teachers.

5. Two Liepaja City Second Jewish Primary Schools : one under Headmaster Waldstein at No 12 Siena Tirgus (now Kuršu St. 20)  with 474 pupils and 23 teachers and another at No 21 Kungu St with 284 pupils and16 teachers.

6. Two Elementary Jewish schools of the Liepaja Cultural Society – one at No 32. Kūrmājas prospect (grades 1-6) with 124 pupils and 10 teachers and the other, F. Gotlib’s private kindergarten, at No 49 Graudu St with 7 children and 1 teacher.

7. F. Gotlib’a private kindergarten at 49 Graudu Street (7 children, 1 teacher)

8. O. Revid’s private kindergarten at 35 Vītolu Street with primary school classes (10 children and 2 teachers)

9. Liepāja State Jewish Gymnasium at 12 Bāriņu Street (humanitarian studies), (156 students, 17 teachers)

10. Liepāja State Jewish Gymnasium at 13 Kūrmājas Prospects (162 students, 15 teachers)

11. Jewish private primary school at 14 Graudu Street (157 students, 10 teachers).