1In 1920 Rabbi Nurockand Professor Goldblatt from Courland were elected to the “Latvian Jewish Aid Congress” Committee.

2. In the 1921 local elections, the Jewish People’s Party gained 5 seats and the Zionists 1 seat.

3. In 1922 more than 35,000 roubles were donated to the Jewish National Foundation / Fund.

4. In 1922 “Maccabi”, a sports and recreational community was established, run by Maxim Abramovych.

5. In 1924 the Liepaja Jewish Community for Improvement of Palestinian Culture was set up.

6. In 1931 an Association promoting the study of science and customs was established and run by Alite Bentsion.

7. In 1933 an Aid Association “Beyt Lekhem” was created and run by Dr. Abraham Lippert.

8. In the 1930s, 4 out of 6 cinemas in Liepaja were owned by Jewish families.

A Town Named Libau