In 2004, next to the monument to the Jews of Liepaja killed during the Second World War, a memorial wall was erected with the names of 6422 Liepāja Jews – victims of totalitarian regimes.

This Memorial wall is the result of three years of research work by prof. E. Anders (rescued from Liepāja E. Alperovich) and J. Dubrovsky.

The 12-meter wall is engraved with the names of not only the victims of the Holocaust and Stalin’s deportation, but also the names of 44 courageous saviors of Jews who risked their own lives and the lives of their families saved 33 Liepaja Jews.

The memorial wall was built with donations from 160 Liepāja Jewish survivors and their descendants from many countries of the world, as well as members of the Liepaja Jewish community. The author of the project – “Bureau of Graphics and Design of Alžan”, the memorial wall was erected by the construction company “UPTK”.

“We do not have the ability to resurrect the victims of the Holocaust or even bury them with the respect they deserve. But we can restore their names and immortalize them in the cemetery, where most of these victims would find their last rest if not the war, the Holocaust and the Gulag. “