1. In 2021, we continued our projects under new conditions, which forced us to reconsider the priorities and goals, because ZOOM platform became the only means of communication.
  2. The goals of our zoom conferences are clearly defined. These are educational and enlightening lectures, discussions, meetings with interesting people.
  3. We have considered that one of our main goals of our ZOOM conferences is not only to learn and improve knowledge about Jewish traditions, but also watch the rituals dedicated to religious Jewish holidays, at least online.
  4. The second goal of our conferences is to present the little-known facts of the Second World War related to Liepaja events, to participants in these events and their destinies.
  5. One of the most important goals is also to learn more about the Rescue of Jews of Liepaja and Liepāja area. Maija Meiere-Oše, researcher and historian of the Žanis Lipke museum in Rīga,  presented her research on the sad failed rescue of Jews in Auzpute in the result which, not only Jews but also their saviors were killed.
  6. We have continued our long-lasting project My Family Roots that is directed to learn more about each other in the Jewish Community, since the majority of its members are originated from the countries of the former USSR. Participants of this conference present their family stories, Jewish traditions they followed life of their families during the Second World War and the Holocaust.
  7. We organized several photo- tours of pre-war Liepāja, which were accompanied by lecturer’s stories about Jewish business, culture, education and sports, as well as the contribution of the Jewish Community in the foundation of the independence of Latvia and its economic development and prosperity.
  8. Almost every Thursday at 18.00 local time, we come together on our ZOOM platform to meet members of the Liepaja Jewish community, the descendants of Liepaja residents living in Israel, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, and Russia. We are often joined by Liepaja residents living in Riga and by Liepaja University lecturers who are interested in the pre-war history of our city and its Jewish diaspora. Usually each lecture is accompanied by a discussion of the lecture. During 6 months of our online work, the ‘’ Liepājas ebreju mantojums ’’ and ‘’ Uniting History ’’ foundations organized and held 23 meetings.
  9. In February, Ilya Lensky , director of the Museum “Jews in Latvia” was the guest speakers at our online meeting. Participants are always looking forward to his lectures. The last one was dedicated to creation of  the Jewish history of Latvia.
  10. In March, the traditional art exhibition of Eduard Kaplan, a member of the Liepaja Jewish community, took place, but in an unusual format. It was presented from his apartment. Eduard spoke about the different techniques that he uses in his paintings and showed new ones. He also presented art pieces of previous years, which have found recognition not only among community members, but also among the city’s public as well. This year the virtual art exhibition of E. Kaplan was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the artist.
  11. On April 25, Eli Valk, the President of the Association of Israeli Jews from Latvia and Estonia was the guest speaker at our Zoom meeting. He shared very important information about the situation in Israel.
  12. On June 3, the head of the “Meetings at ZOOM” project, Ilana Ivanova, invites to join us at the next photo-tour of pre-war Liepāja. We will walk along Kūrmājas prospekts, reach Kurhaus, turn into Ūliha St and stop at No 17, where Minna Rabinovich, the mother of the great musician, native of Liepaja, Max Rabinovich lived. Our guest of honor Ivar Brod (USA), will share with us his experience in research of life activity of Max Rabinovich, who for many years was the favorite accompanist of Fyodor Chaliapin